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Last updated on January 13, 2022


“Give me control over a nation’s currency,

And I care not who makes its laws.”

Mayer Amschel Rothchild (1743-1812)

(TV’s, electronic screens, etc) shoot brainwashing instead of bullets; propelled by data processing instead of explosions; from bits of data instead of gunpowder; from a computer instead of a gun; by a programmer instead of a marksman; under orders of a banking magnate instead of a military general.Silent weaponaHOW? Via: Subliminals, flicker rates, emotional manipulations, propaganda, cultural wars, spying/surveillance, fake news, Operation Mockingbird, anticipatory intelligence, weaponized apps like ‘HULU’, and many many more ways including stuff 50 years into the future that you could not possibly imagine.

ALSO, in this video we give you a real remedy, straight from the horse’s mouth, and we don’t put it behind a paywall(like Anthony Patch, and others).  Because we are in the Real #truth community.

BONUS: The truth about ‘freemas0n’ Jack Posobiec.Silent weaponsSubliminals are right in front of your face but you cannot see them.  Or at least, your conscious cannot, but your subconcious picks it right up and  then modifies your own beliefs, by manipulating some weakness in the human brain, that allows invisible undetectable brain-washing/conditioning. Silent weapons 6 corporations control ALL of the media you see and hear. Because its propaganda to trick YOU to get you to go along with the globalist plan your hi-jacked gov’t is slowly assimilating you to, into giving up your God-given rights. Because these are silent weapons

Edward Bernays is a manipulator.  Anywho, these blogs are companion pieces to the video.  Which is 4 hours of important knowledge compressed into under an hour, for your viewing convenience. Put aside a whole hour to watch, straight thru, for best results.  And the blogs are for readers, while the video is for watchers, altho the video has way MORE in it. Which will be released this week.

Pres. OBAMA signs the ndaa of 2013, essentially allowing ‘LYING’ to Americans without restrictions. Silent weapons And then we got fake, fraudulent, and fictional made-up news from major news corporations. And there was no punishment or even a moratorium. Yes it goes on every day of your life, it was never ended, because these are silent weapons. Operation Mockingbird is(it was never ended) a cia op where one pre-written(real or fake, it doesnt matter) script is used for every news outlet,national thru local. More examples of fake news TV/screens(old and new), YOU watch it, IT watches you; looking spying judging.  The two-way sampler. George Orwell’s “1984” is a great movie in that, it really is a documentary.  The flickering light on the wall is your tv.  It manipulates you silently using frequencies and flicker rates, etc.  60hz is the exact perfect frequency for Human-Hypnotising.  The could have picked from a variety of rates.Silent weapons The “black helicopter” actually has a white underside like a shark (hiding something?).  Not a conspiracy anymore thanks to Edison; he entered the fact books and quickly become an expert in targeted citizenry via fantastic high definition aerial photography at 666ft(their number, they are telling us, WHO they are). Silent weapons Time magazine reporting on how effective subliminals are at the mall, because everybody is doing it.  This was from a time when real reporting was done. Not anymore. Because this is a silent weapon.Silent weapons

WHO? Its the illuminatti gang of trillionaires, again. They are the ‘illumined’ ones, they think; but unfortunately, they’ve declared war on Americans using many many many actors, such as Jack Posobiec.  Adam Green explains at the end of the video.

Silent weapons

The Cure: AH, THE ANTI-STATIC SCREEN.  Very hard to find. In fact theres none left.  If you have a machine for making these->THEMOREYOUKNOW at protonmail dot com. We are not doctors nor is this medical advice; but the guy who invented the weapon system, said this is how to block(cure) it. Black screens have a dual purpopse that they dont tell you about.The patents are frightening. Only a psycopath would even think of this.

HULU APP and many many others are literally silent weapons for quiet wars on your brain.

FALSE PROPHET ALERT: Traitor Jack posobiec is way more like Judas than James Bond.

Children and elderly are most effected, but without the shield, even the middle aged are at risk.  We are not doctors but we can read patents. This is not medical advice, this is advice created by critical thinking using common sense; and we just passing along the accurate intel. We are American.

Throwing out your tv and cable box, is how I survived and didn’t get my own opinions burnt.

Be yourself


Your faithful librarians,

Carter Edison

Ps. Now you have seen why this blog had to go first.

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