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Did David Knight Just Sell-Out?

David Knight the Sell-Out?‬ The ‘Proud Anti-Vaxxer’ selling Pfizer ads.

Last updated on December 19, 2021

David Knight the sell-out? You decide..

FACT: The David Knight Show is now sponsored by BionTech & Pfizer!‬

‪Has he become the monster he exposes?‬ ‪

Fake anti-vaxxer?‬ ‪

Grifter in disguise?‬ ‪

Greetings Patreons,

I used to be David Knights biggest fan. I had the MOST DK videos on youtube (at 71) before my channel was deleted by the communist CENSOR. So I didnt think I’d ever write a blog title like, David Knight the sell-out.

A little backround on The David Knight Show, as DK explains, he lost his patreon and venmo account due to the secret communist takeover of America (via the public/private partnership of govt controlled corporations).

So, DK decided to add 18 more ads per podcast, to pick up the slack.  Unfortunately, the Spreaker service he uses, plays, on occasion and to me definitely, Biontech & Pfizer ads.  Thus, DK is sometimes directly sponsored by big pharma, the monster he says he’s fighting/exposing.

Now, he does NOT control which ads play.  So, what should he do? He should cancel the service, I say.  Maybe go back to the old podbean service which did not have this problem.

Next, he will be losing money, obviously.  But let me tell you something.  If he thinks he will remain in the ‘Truth Community’ while maintaining his lifestyle, he’s wrong. Our hi-jacked communist gov’t has ratcheted us down and so there is no way around it.

Perhaps, get a smaller house, like I did.  Or don’t, and by default he will move from the truth-community into the pay-me-community.

At this juncture, his credibility is at stake.

To conclude, I pray he makes the honest move.  I will be making future updates about The David Knight Show.  Don’t forget to subscribe.

Godspeed fellow Americans,
Your faithful librarians,
Carter Edison

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