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Joe Rogans govt connection


JOE ROGAN THE CIA SHILL & SELLOUT, is a plant by the intel agency, to push the New-World-Order of global totalitarian enslavement on unwitting followers, to get those followers hooked on drugs, and also to dis-credit real conspiracies, among other traitorous things.

Greetings Truth-Seekers,

This is the companion blog to our video presentation showing Undeniable evidence that:
1. Joe Rogan the cia shill works for (directly or indirectly):

CIA – Whose job(one of many) is to stealthily push Americans into their One-World-Government, the NWO.

Cia connection with MAPS

Rockafeller – A financier of Joe Rogans podcast

Rockafeller connection

Pentagon – Gave us, Doom, a military designed video game to train & desensitize people to kill other human beings

George Soros – A financier of MAPS

Peter thiel – Another indirect financier of the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

Elon musk – Forces on us his Nueuralink(brain-internet interface) and of course, his electric cars that requires a mountain to be strip-mined, in order to get a cup of lithium; and also sponsors the JRE

Joe Rogan wearing a shirt that says SHILL

Esalen Institute – A sort of Bohemian Grove 2.0, to manipulate people into cultural change(NWO) including their brainchild, the Universal Basic Income. Includes such change agents, as Aldous Huxley, Alan Watts, and Joe’s boy, Terrence Mckenna, and more.

MAPS – Multi-Disciplinary Association for Psychadelic Studies, pushing the use of magic mushrooms on people in any way it can.

The Disinformation company – Whose key persons are Matt Staggs, Joe’s original talent booker and all around satanist

23andme – A dna harvesting company sponsoring JRE, that does bad things with your dna

2. Joe Rogan pushes drugs on kids.
The above listed entities supply Joe with drugs. Joe is allowed to injest illegal drugs and be high on camera in front of his large following, and he never gets in trouble.

Alex Jones high on cocaine with eyes bugging out.

3. Alex Jones & Eddie Bravo come together for another Shillfest:
With Alex and Joe going to the bathroom together to snort cocaine. Where we watch alex’s jaw moving around and his eyes bugging out while he makes up stories.

Eddie Bravo invokes the Shill-Handbook with his fake credibility and jargon

While Eddie invokes his fake credibility with enough jargon to fool their followers.

Bob Lazar is Cia

The Truth about Bob Lazar, is he is a CIA agent who constantly violates NSDD84, a govt secrecy law, and never gets the death penalty; unlike like the Rosenbergs.

Bob Lazar the fraud

Because its his job is to pretend that he has access to (faked) ‘alien’ technology. But ‘aliens’ are really demons from hollow-earth.

Special ops thermite conmection to 9/11 coverup

The Truth about 911, is that special-ops thermite was found all over the area, but covered-up. The type and kind that would be neccesary to bring down some of the strongest buildings in the world.

Freemasons Arthur C Clarke, the fiction writer and Neil Armstrong, the actornaut

The so-called moon landing, was a movie written by Arthur C. Clarke, the fiction writer, directed by Stanley Kubrick, and produced by George Mueller. Sure thats my opinion, and so you might have the opposite opinion. Well, all anybody has on this topic are opinions because there are zero facts because all the so-called evidence was destroyed by nasa. Hmm.

Joe Rogan is probably the richest comedian ever ($100 million net worth)

And much much more as Richie Comito(RichieFromBoston), Matthew North, Ben L(RvTruth), and us, Carter Edison break it all down.

Godspeed fellow Americans,
Your faithful librarians,
Carter Edison
#JoeRogan #BobLazar #911

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